Brand Resources

Information and guidelines on how to correctly present The Luxury Network brand as well as logo downloads.

Brand Guidelines

Information on how to correctly present The Luxury Network brand.

  • The Luxury Network company name and logo are protected by trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws.
  • When referring to our company, the full name “The Luxury Network” should be used.
  • Only use the approved logos available to download below.
  • All instances of The Luxury Network logo must include the registered trademark symbol ®.
  • Do not edit, modify, distort, rotate, or recolour any of the logos.
  • If possible, please link any logo used to
  • Logos should be used against a white background where possible.
  • Only use the reversed logos over darker coloured backgrounds.
  • The black and white logos should be used if the logo must appear against a coloured background.

Logo Downloads

Logo downloads are in the form of a zip folder containing the selected logo in multiple formats for screen and print. They also include reversed versions for use against dark backgrounds. Roll over a logo below for a preview of the reversed.

Standard Logo Standard Logo

Standard Logo

Use this logo whenever possible.

Narrow Logo Narrow Logo

Narrow Logo

Use this logo if the logo must fit within a square space, or a space that's too narrow for the standard logo.

Member Badge Member Badge

Member Badge

This badge can be used by members to show that they are a member of The Luxury Network.